BMI Processing Center

The Bamboo Musical Instruments Processing Center (BMIPC) houses a line of processing equipment for BMI manufacturing purposes or for businesses that wish to adopt the Institute’s technologies for improving the processing, durability, aesthetics and sound quality of select BMIs. The BMIPC also features a mini museum showcasing instruments developed in the Center and other BMIs made by several commercial makers and indigenous groups in the country. It will serve as a venue for training teachers, students, hobbyists or interested adopters on making and tuning of BMIs.

BMI Prototypes

Thru the BMI PC, the DOST FPRDI has fabricated several bamboo musical instrument prototypes that include angklung, marimba and kawagong. 




These instruments were crafted using select processing equipment at the Center. To ensure the BMIs’ durability without compromising its tonal quality, the DOST-FPRDI carefully studied and applied drying, finishing & preservation techniques.

BMI Processing Facility

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