Lubuagan Tribe


The Kalinga tribe resides in the Cordillera Mountain Range. They are currently spread over the municipalities of Rizal, Tabuk City, Pinukpuk, Balbalan, Tanudan, Pasil, Lubuagan, and Tinglayan. The tribe also inhabits the south of the Apayao Province. They are the most famous ethnic group in the northern Philippines. The tribe has a very rich tradition and culture of music and dance which they still actively practice. The Kalinga is known for wearing their traditional wear ba-ag (loinclothes) for men and kain for women. They are also known world-wide for Byatok or their traditional way of hand-tapped tattooing using a hafted needle and a mallet. The tribe is very careful with sharing their traditional knowledge with outsiders to protect their culture and prevent it from being taken advantage of. They take pride in their culture because it is their identity. They hold great importance in preserving their culture and traditions, making sure it will be passed on to the younger generation.