Majokayong tribe


The Majukayong tribe resides in Brgy. Maducayan, and Saliok. Their traditions and dialect are closely related to the Kalinga tribe. They are known to be very brave and protective of tribe members. With history of headhunting, they hold great value for revenge when they are provoked or wronged. The tribe however long left this practice behind giving more way for peace. The Majukayongs has a rich culture of music and dance which they still actively practice. They give huge importance to their instruments and dances because it is considered a big part of their identity and it is what makes their occasions lively. Their cultural music is also a way for them to honor and remember their ancestors. The Majukayong tribe is careful with sharing their traditional knowledge to outsiders to prevent their culture to be misrepresented or taken advantage of. Today, the tribe does its best to preserve their culture by making sure that their traditions will be passed onto the younger generation.